HVAC Maintenance & Installation

Limited M&Cis one of the premier service provider company specializing in MEP, HVAC, AC Maintenance & Installation in State of Qatar. We have been in the Qatar market from 2010 onwards, Supporting Companies for the Annual Maintenance Contracts for HVAC, Package Units, Split and window AC’s with and call on / call off maintenance with all MEP related works for the long term and short project basis requirements.

We have a team well experienced team of Engineers along with the more than 25 highly experienced technicians. Our team is available round the clock 24x7x365 days for any kind of maintenance and support services. Limited Maintenance & Contractingguarantees with the highest standard of work ethics and values that will deliver optimal output. In Limited Maintenance & Contracting, we share a common principle, which is “WE CARE”.

HVAC, Package, Split & Window AC

Installation & Maintenance of all Kinds of HVAC & AC’s. We are specialized in HVAC (Water & Air Cooled), Package Units, Split & Windows AC’s. in all kinds of Residential Building, Commercial Building & Towers, Factories & Plants. We deal with all brands of AC’s in State of Qatar.

Our Services

Maintenance Services

Rotating equipment & movables (non – propriety), Valves & Pipelines, Machining & Fitting Services, Tool keepers, Wellhead equipment & Services

Mechanical Services

Material handling, filters, transmission equipment, heat process, seal, line pipes fittings connectors, hand tools, production work over and associated services, drilling equipment, localized high-pressure testing

HVAC / Package

Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Commissioning, AMC of all kinds of Water / Air Chillier and Package Units.

Split / Window AC

Supply, Installation, Maintenance & AMC for all kinds of Split and windows units